What is VoteBuilder?

VoteBuilder (VAN) is a statewide database of Alabama voters, maintained by the Alabama Democratic Party and the DNC. The information is public record and originates in the Secretary of State’s office.

Accessing this information gives us the ability to help candidates, whether local or statewide, to identify target voters and turn out the vote by phone banking and canvassing. Your support will mean that we will be able to have a statewide effort on phone banks to identify progressive voters... and then be able to turn them out at election time for any progressive candidates on the ballot.

Download the VoteBuilder Manual →

Membership Drive

Want to have VoteBuilder purchased for your county? Then contact Pat Siano for more information about our membership drive initiative. The more people who join, the more resources we’ll have to fund VoteBuilder in your county. This important technology can be the difference in a close election, and we need every vote we can get if we’re going to get more wins in 2020.