2018 In Review

The midterm elections in 2018 were characterized by increased voter participation in Alabama and across the county. Unfortunately, the data indicates that a 60/40 Republican to Democrat voting block was evident across the state. Organize Alabama is working to improve these numbers through grassroots efforts. Several successes are worth noting. OA has also identified other areas of need that may be pursued between now and the 2020 election cycle.

Financials 2018

Beginning of year balance : $3791.67

End of year balance : $5284.05

Revenue: $4096.97

Revenue was from dues payment, conference registration and limited contributions including donations for t-shirts.

Expenses: $2604.59

Primary Expenses were for a statewide conference in Birmingham and a regional conference in Dothan.

Group Development

Smaller counties have continued to meet and do basic grassroots work. 2018 saw the inclusion of Etowah. Dale, Barbour, and Covington counties have continued to be active. Dothan had some activity related to specific candidates. Montgomery developed a very inclusive GOTV network and work continued in Mobile and Baldwin Counites. Lee was less active overall. Birmingham worked to assist State legislative minority leader Anthony Daniels. More candidates ran on the Democratic side but state races were not successful with Democrats loosing 4 seats overall.

Additional communities were not added to Votebuilder in 2018. The expectation is that communities where the database was purchased will fund this tool for 2019.

Two conferences were held–one in Birmingham and a regional conference in Dothan. Each session was attended by approximately 30 people.

Organize Alabama is continuing to gain credibility across the state as other groups have not stepped up to take a more active leadership role.

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